Website content

Want to convert passing trade into customers?

Think of your website as a real-life shop window. If you have an array of intriguing items in the window that are arranged beautifully, people will probably want to pop inside to see what other gems you have on offer. If your shop window is haphazard, full of cobwebs and hasn’t been updated since the Brit Pop glory days (aka, a long time) passing trade will be doing just that – passing.

Just like a shop window being one of the best assets a shop has for showing off their wares, the same can be said for your website. You only have seconds to make an impression before the customer decides whether to give you a chance or move on to a competitor who does things a bit more, well, neatly.

Words play a massive part in making that impression. Forget fancy web design, flashy buttons and whizzy web parts - if the words aren't right then the customers are going to think you are style over substance. A freelance copywriter (like moi) will make sure your website words work hard to engage visitors and convert them in to customers. 


Also, whilst I enjoy to write web pages for human readers, I do ensure I subtly weave SEO keywords into each page so that we keep the Google gods on side. Good to know, right? 

So what are you waiting for? Let's overhaul your web copy and get customers piling through the front door. 

What else can this gal do?

If the service you require isn't covered in the menu, fear not - I can write for anything that needs words! Just drop me a line and let me know what you have in mind - I am always keen to work on something different and unique!