proof reading 

Need an eagle-eye cast over your copy?

Poor copy that doesn't read well and is littered with mistakes can cost you customers. Imagine putting all that hard work in to something only to put people off in the first sentence? 

If you need a fresh pair of eyes to go over your work with a fine tooth comb, or someone to suggest edits and improvements to a project, I'm your gal.


This freelance copywriter doesn't stop at proof reading and copy editing for businesses either, oh no.  If you are writing a book, working on a dissertation or are new to the blogging game, I can proof read or copy edit your work so that you can be confident that it's perfect. 

What else can this gal do?

If the service you require isn't covered in the menu, fear not - I can write for anything that needs words! Just drop me a line and let me know what you have in mind - I am always keen to work on something different and unique!