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Why hire a freelance copywriter?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Let's face it, anyone can write words. Just like anyone could throw some ingredients in a bowl to make a cake, but that doesn’t make them Mary Berry now, does it?

And what if the ingredients aren’t quite right? Imagine you just chucked in any old thing you find in the back of your cupboard – flour hailing from 2003, some ominous looking eggs and a packet of what you think (oh god you HOPE) are chocolate chips. Your cake probably isn't going to rise to the occasion is it?

It’s the same with copywriting. Anyone can stick some words on a page, but it doesn’t mean those words are going to add value to your business and move customers to action. In fact, bad words can actually harm your brand, drive down engagement and push customers in to the arms of your competitors (I'm not taking about THAT kind of bad word, but I can’t lie they probably aren't going to help you either!)

So why not avoid getting egg on your face, and hire copywriter to make sure your words inform, intrigue, and most importantly, sell?

​Here are six reasons why you should consider hiring a freelance copywriter:

You aren’t the best person to write about your business

Wait, what now? You have poured your heart and soul in to your business, know it inside out and live and breathe it daily – who could write about your business better than you?

Well, a copywriter that’s who! If anything, you are TOO close to your pride and joy, which means you might slip in to using jargon or technical terms that leave your customers saying ‘HUH?’

A freelance copywriter will look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes, write about it in simple terms that anyone can understand and highlight key selling points that will get customers flocking through the door. Splendid.

You will save yourself you a lot of time

“Oh yes, I will start writing that blog post just as soon as I have sent that invoice/done the filing/phoned that customer back/fed the cat”. Sound familiar?

Let’s face it, time spent running your business is precious. This means that with an overflowing in-tray of tasks that need to be done in order for your business to function, writing that sales email or blog post pretty much always gets relegated to the bottom of the pile. In short, the writing never gets done or worse, it gets done BADLY.

Not only will hiring a freelance copywriter give you first-class content, it gives you the luxury of time back. So why not spend more of your time concentrating on what you are best at – running your business, by letting a copywriter do what they are best at – yep, the word thang!

You will boost your search engine rankings

In a world where Google is king, you need to work really hard get noticed by the search engine bots so you can rise to the dizzy heights of results page one.

“But I don’t know how to do that!” I hear you cry. Well fear not, dear reader because hiring a copywriter means you will have this shizz covered.

Any copywriter worth their salt will be a pro at making sure your online content is full of relevant on-page SEO, without making your site looking like a keyword-filled hot mess. Google loves optimised copy and the more you give that hungry little engine, the more they will drive you up the search results and in front of customers. More customers to your website equals more sales, yay!

You will stand out from the crowd

You want your customers to shop with you over your competitors, so you need to lure them in with copy that screams ‘pick me!’

Having expertly written, compelling copy representing your brand will not only give you authority in the market place and show potential customers that you are an expert in your industry, it will set you apart from the dull, uninspiring content of your nearest rivals. The more inspiring and original your content is, the more customers you will see sauntering through your door.

But what if your competitors already have fantastic copy? Well, luckily for you, every good copywriter knows how to write content that gives even the best out there a run for its money. Meaning you can sit back, relax and watch the dollars roll in.

You will get the results you want

What is the one main goal you have for your business? To sell, that’s what. And let me tell you, creating copy that sells is a copywriter’s jam.

Copywriters aren’t just ‘good at writing’. We are masters in the art of persuasion and know every trick in the book to help us write copy that converts customers to sales.

Be it convincing copy for a website, brochure, your business social media or a sales email, a freelance copywriter can put together carefully crafted words that call to action and get customers hanging off your every word.

Your business won’t be harmed by poor content

The bottom line is, you can't afford to have errors in your copy. For one thing, it puts customers off and looks mighty unprofesh. It also makes Google a tad upset, and what happens when they are upset? You get pushed down the search engine rankings. Nightmare.

Perfectly crafted copy gives customers confidence in you and your brand and shows them that you are an authority in your industry. Poor content that is littered with spelling mistakes and errors will give your customers about as much confidence in you as they have in Boris Johnson right now. So zero.

Hiring a copywriter to write you some top-notch content will strengthen your brand, get you to the top of your game, and avoid any future comparisons with wayward politicians.

​Have I convinced you that you should hire a copywriter yet? Be it a hand to hold when creating your copy or someone to take over your entire copywriting gig, let’s have a chat about how I can help your business grow through the power of words.

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