• Lauren Hammond

Six reasons to keep blogging during the Coronavirus pandemic

Ok, ok… so blogging might be the last thing on your mind right now but hear me out.

Blogging is a fantastic way of not only raising your profile and driving traffic to your website, but it is also vital for engaging potential customers and gaining those all-important leads. In fact, blogging has been shown to be a key factor in overall business growth.

Err, that’s all well and good, but what about blogging NOW?

During this crazy time *don’t say the C word, dear god don’t say the C word* you might be unsure if continuing to blog is the right thing to do. But let me tell you – it absolutely is!

Here are six reasons why you should consider keeping up with your blog writing even when times get tough.

It keeps your name out there

It would be so easy just to sit back and not bother with blogging at the moment, but don’t forget when this all blows over you will still have a business to promote.

Don’t let people forget who you are. Just because your business might not be running at the moment, or you are having to change tactics to make ends meet, it doesn’t mean things are going to be this way forever.

Make sure you keep reminding people who you are, what you do, and why they should buy from you.

Current customers will stay engaged

You have built up a fantastic client base, so make sure you keep them engaged and in the loop with what is happening with your business during the pandemic.

What kinds of content do your customers like to read? What kinds of posts would be helpful to them at this strange time? By tapping in to what you think might add value to your customers’ lives, you can keep them on side and find that they will still support you after this is all over.

Retaining your customer base is key right now, so don’t forget to keep in touch and show them that you still mean business even when your operations are scaled back.

You will make new connections

Ok fair enough, depending on your business type, people might not be able to buy from you/work with you right this minute. But make some effort to forge new connections during this down time and who will people remember when things go back to normal? You, that’s who!

There is still plenty of opportunity to bring in new leads. Hook them with a great blog post, and then keep them keen with more. When the time comes for you to ramp up your business again, your new leads may well be there waiting for you to spring back in to action. Excellent!

It will remind people that you are still an authority in your industry

You’ve spent a long time building up a level of trust with your customers and positioning yourself at the top of the game in your industry. Don’t let that halo slip!

Keep reminding your customer base why they bought from you in the first place. Tailor your blogs so that you can show off your expertise and offer customers insider info and useful tips. Don’t forget your case studies and testimonials to really show off why people should keep on trusting you as an expert.

You will keep that SEO ball rolling

I say this a lot, but blogging is amazing for your search engine rankings. As long as the content is relevant and decent, then Google will start pushing you up the results pages. The higher you get, the more traffic that will hit your website. Yay!

So, if you have some down time at the moment why not dedicate a few hours a week to writing some useful and interesting blog posts? If you keep up a regular schedule of blogging, even when times get tough, you are building on that domain authority and enabling new potential customers to find you.

It will bring a sense of normality

Is your business one that can function somewhat normally, pandemic or no pandemic? If so, don’t be afraid to carry on as you were! Of course, we all must be sensitive and support businesses that have had to shut down or scale back their efforts, but the rest of us trying to carry on as normal can really help dissipate the unease amongst customers and peers alike.

By blogging and sharing your wisdom, exciting news, offers and though provoking content, you are probably helping take people’s minds off the current situation. And with lock down set to continue for god knows how long, boy, could we all use that!

So, as you were everyone, and keep that blogging wheel churning if only to brighten people’s spirits 😊

If you still aren’t sure whether you should continue with your regular content and keep blogging at this time, then why not get in touch with me for a chat? As a freelance copywriter based in Newbury, I can help you plan a relevant schedule of content, copy edit blogs you have written ensure you are hitting the right topics and tone of voice, or take over your blogging efforts all together.

Whatever you do, keep on blogging!

Stay safe and well everyone 😊

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