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Hello. I'm Lauren!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Hello one, hello all, and welcome to the fabulous world that is Lauren Hammond Copywriting.

I’m Lauren (duh) and I am the gal behind this one-woman copywriting show. I won’t bore you with the details of my life story (you can be bored over on my ‘about me’ page instead!) but I will tell you this:

I am done with seeing dull, lifeless copy. I am tired of looking at words on a page that don’t engage or persuade. Hell, I am beyond over clicking through websites or blogs that are unloved. Don’t even get me started on the grammatical errors, I might actually have a coronary!

So, I am on a mission to create killer copy for people who need a helping hand and want to inject some life back in to their business. Gone will be the days of content that reads like the back of a packet of loo roll or evokes the same level disappointment I feel when realising my husband just ordered his Nandos chicken ‘plain’ (GOD WHY!)

I want to work with businesses who aren't afraid to think outside the box, and know that well thought out, kick-ass copy will elevate their brand to dizzy new heights. From website copy to blogs, press releases to brochures, your copy deserves to sparkle not go down in flames, and it is my aim to find words that help your brand grow.

Remember folks, engaging copy sells!

If you want to inject some character in to your copy then why not get in touch now to see what we can achieve together?

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