Copy for print

print isn't dead.

Even in this digital age, print still has power. 


There is something a bit magical about flicking through a physical brochure or magazine isn't there. Well, you don't need a charger for starters!

So how do you write for print? Granted, it's an entirely different beast to digital. A freelance copywriter is an expert in creating copy for print - after all, that's exactly what we used to focus on back in the day! 

And before you think it,  please don't go sticking your website copy in an offline brochure, that's just not going to cut it, sorry. Your copywriter will have a fit and the copy just wont convert.

So why not hire a freelance copywriter like me to help you make a lasting impression with brochures, magazines and flyers that pack a punch in the real world?

What else can this gal do?

If the service you require isn't covered in the menu, fear not - I can write for anything that needs words! Just drop me a line and let me know what you have in mind - I am always keen to work on something different and unique!