Me, me me...





But that's enough about me. Let's talk about you!

hi, I'm Lauren.


I am a freelance copywriter who offers a range of expert copywriting services in Berkshire. In fact, thanks to the magic of the internet I can work with clients from anywhere in the world which is nice, isn’t it?

Armed with a BA Hons degree in journalism and media and over 10 years’ experience in marketing, PR, and internal communications, I am on a one-woman mission to whip up characterful copy that packs a punch and adds value to your business.

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but I know a thing or two about how to harness the power of words and create copy that engages, calls to action and most importantly, sells.

Like all good copywriters, I can write about pretty much anything: weddings, cars, fitness, guinea pigs, wellington boots… You name it, I can write about it (top marks if you actually hire me to write about guinea pigs). 


I’m also a bit nosey, which means I spend time getting to know everything about you, your business and what makes you tick. This helps me understand your brand and your vision for how you want your business to grow. Based on that, I craft the right words that enable you to reach your goals. 


I have written for small independent businesses, public sector organisations, and large corporations. Don't tell the big guys, but I like working with small local businesses the best! There is something so satisfying about watching a small business go from strength to strength based on copy I help them create.   

So that’s my story. Shall we talk about yours?


Hire me as your freelance cOpywriter and you can be sure I will deliver content that's:

All work is unique and completely my own.
full of character
Let's tell your story and bring your brand to life!
designed to get you
Attention grabbing copy that inspires customers to act. 
to perfection
You want error free copy? You've got it!
delivered on time
I will never miss a deadline - ever!